Our Process

We build things in six steps

1. Discuss

After getting in contact with us we will setup an initial call to discuss and explore your project requirements. This is a great opportunity for us to address any questions or concerns you may have.

2. Wireframe

Following the initial call, our design team will wireframe the new designs using their collaborative design tools. Clients have the option to collaborate with our design team at this stage.

3. Timeframe

Once we are clear on the scope of the project, we will work with you to agree a clear delivery timeframe.

4. Design

In this stage we turn the wireframes into a real design. We use our deisgn tools to design a pixel perfect version of the site that you can comment on and interact with before anything is built.

By ensuring you are happy with the designs before developing enables us to move with confidence, leading to a quicker overall process.

5. Develop

At this point, much of the hard-work is already done. We get to work building out the design and functionality agreed upon beforehand. As these there is little left to interpretation, our developers can move with speed and confidence in what they create.

6. Tweak

Although there is a great process in-place, there are bound to be things that need tweaking, that's why we factor in time to make adjustments you may want before the delivery date.

7. Delivery

After website monitoring is setup and our thorough testing is complete, your website is ready for launch.

Our Work

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