Expert Laravel Developers.

Rhubarb's London based team specialises in delivering outstanding Laravel 8 applications, built to scale.

We take pride in our ability to create secure, reliable, maintainable Laravel applications as your primary partner or as part of your wider team.

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React + TypeScript

Our favorite stack is Laravel paired with a strongly typed React + TypeScript frontend.

The flexibility of React, paired with the productivity boost Typescript enables, makes for a magical pairing.


The simplicity and dev-friendliness of a Vue frontend is second to none.

Rhubarb has experience delivering both Vue 2 & 3 frontends to compliment Laravel applications and APIs.

Does this suit my business?

Our service is particularly well suited to companies that are looking:

  • to increase the capacity/velocity of work on a pre-existing Laravel project

  • to benefit from a more flexible development arrangement using our 'on-demand' service

  • for a company to lead on a new Laravel project

  • for a consultant to assist on matters such as scaling, reducing hosting costs or even introducing tests to Laravel

  • for an external support or hosting arrangement

“Thanks for all your hard work getting it done so quickly and to such a good standard for delivery.”

Goncalo Ribeirez

“Thank you for all of your work behind the scenes and for setting us up with a website which can grow with the company.”

The Berry Company

“The guys at Rhubarb brought in an energy, fresh insights, creativity and a level of commitment that have helped us make a real step change across web and branding. We'll definitely be calling on their services again.”

Tom Lewis
Co-founder, LRTT

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