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A showcase of a range of juices and fizzy drinks managed by a modern CMS.

website design

Rhubarb partnered up with Collab Film who created a fantastic video for TBC's new juices, while we delivered a brand new website to expand The Berry Company's online presence.

The original website had an unpredictable hosting setup that had been plagued with multiple issues. So we started from scratch. Now with a change of DNS hosting, SSL setup and the inclusion of a state-of-the-art CMS - it has since been plain sailing with a reliable site that's easier to maintain.

Hosting the flagship video through Vimeo meant we could deliver the stunning visuals of their juices across multiple devices, playing even on lower internet speeds.

After an increase in both the website's traffic and performance, an online shop is in the works to start expanding the sales of their juices.

“Thank you for all of your work behind the scenes and for setting us up with a website which can grow with the company.”


The Berry Company

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